Insights on Alcor Life Extension Foundation

This is my first blog on this site.  As I am a current member of Alcor, I think it would be fitting to talk about the pros and cons of being a subscriber to their program so that other people who are interested in cryogenic suspension can weigh their options.


Pros for Alcor

Alcor is one of the oldest organizations out there. It has been featured in film and when people think Cryonics, they think Scottsdale, Arizona.  It also has very prestigious members, both in suspended animation and alive.

As far as financial stability, it was hurt during the recession, but is still strong and it manages its finances very carefully.

Overall, I think that Alcor is your best bet for cryonic suspension thanks to their vitrification technique and forty years of experience. 


Cons for Alcor

I can think of only one disappointing issue I have as a member of Alcor and it lies with the Board of Directors and Max More, it's new President and CEO.  They somehow like to keep the members at arm’s length.  Let’s just say that you would have bigger chance to sit down with President Obama and get him to repaint the White House red than to get the management at Alcor to return your email about an idea you have to help them grow and get more members.   That also includes the new Member Communication Director reponsable for, well, communicating with the members who has yet to email the members to introduce herself or return my email.  My experience is that as a member, you need to see Alcor as an insurance company.  At the beginning you will have to fill a lot of paperwork and interact with them a lot; after that, so long as you are making your payments, you will never hear from them again until it is time for you to be frozen.


I recommend you to call Diane Cremeens, the Membership Department Coordinator and the shining beacon of Alcor to help you get started before it is too late!