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As Mario Stinger so elegantly put it in his book Destined for Oblivion, cancer will kill more than 24 % of people on Earth.  Aging will eventually kill everyone. Yet, we don’t see the United Nations and the World Health Organization doing anything about it.   No official organization exists, no marches are organized, no politician talks about it.

The Immortality Project Organization is solely dedicated to supplying information and resources to people who can make a difference.   Anyone can make a difference.

Is human immortality possible? According to Ray Kurzweil and Doctor Aubrey de Grey, yes,it is possible in our lifetime.  Many people doubt it, like how people also doubted the horseless carriage, the airplane and the space shuttle.  Now they are very common and we do not even give them a second thought!

Welcome to the Immortality Project. Join us and save your life!

"If you don't want to achieve immortality for yourself, do it for the people that love you and depends on you."
- Mario Stinger